Medi Beauty Trading Fzco started back on 2005 as a shop based on a simple idea of getting into the salon supply business with all kind of equipment’s and furniture. With time passing and the growing numbers of customer the start of the business this vision was motivated by our passion for beauty, wellness, and personal care, inspires us to provide all the beauty admirers and expert in the middle east and the gulf with the latest beauty products. Medi Beauty Trading Fzco dreams to become one of the well known companies in the business of beauty in the Middle East, Gulf and Africa. And to achieve this goal, we aim to plan hard and work harder continuously, with dedicated professionalism and standard of service forever enhanced.


At Medi Beauty Trading Fzco, we believe that above all our business should be based on respect for the land we depend on, for the customer we serve, for the people we work with, for our mission and vision.Medi Beauty Trading Fzco in 2010 put so many goals and ideas to build a very important company structure to develop and to improve right internal equilibrium, which will give the company a chance to grow and flourish Medi Beauty Trading Fzco Salon Concept Specialized, experienced and continually trained team to handle the customers and the market demands. And serve each customer need, whether it was a salon, beauty center or individual as a complete project. We wish that Medi Beauty Trading Fzco reached to your expect.